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Santa Teresa Dental is Your Partner towards Optimal Oral Health

Posted under Why Choose Morgan Hill Dentist on October 3rd, 2011 | No Comments

The dentists of Santa Teresa Dental are your partners in optimal dental care. Majority of the dentists are proficient in providing basic preventative and restorative care.  However, Dr. Andrew Huang and Dr. Ann Lien of Santa Teresa Dental also possess additional training and expertise qualifying them to provide a magnificent smile you’ve always desired.

At your initial and re-care visits with us, the doctors discuss your concerns and perform a thorough examination. The doctors will

  • review your medical history
  • check your medications with a sophisticated online database
  • take your blood pressure
  • evaluate head and neck soft tissues
  • screen for oral cancer
  • perform cavity detection
  • discuss gum disease
  • take necessary records such as digital x-rays, teeth and bite models, and intraoral images

We then develop a treatment plan that serves as a road map to help you achieve optimum dental health. Once all treatments are completed, we will recommend a proper re-care schedule to maintain your optimal dental health.

At Santa Teresa Dental, we utilize the most modern technology and techniques. We offer digital x-rays that reduce radiation exposure to minuscule levels. Our intraoral cameras allow you to see exactly what the doctors see inside your mouth. And laser dentistry options enable you to receive some dental gum procedures without anesthetic – or needing to be “numbed up” first.

Regular dental visits ensures early detection of problems, hence it avoids potential dental disaster. For people young and old, visiting your dentist regularly will ensure lifelong healthy teeth and gums as well as the most beautiful smile.

Contact us today. We are here to answer all your questions and be your partner towards optimal dental health.