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How We Communicate: New Generations, New Technologies

Posted under Why Choose Morgan Hill Dentist on November 5th, 2013 | No Comments

Communication is vital to society, both on the business and personal levels.  Without the technology to communicate, there would be no way to convey information and get things done.  As the years pass, we may be surprised to discover that younger generations communicate differently than we do.  Remember those rotary phones that every household used to have?  It seemed to take forever just to dial a phone number on one of those things!  I guess we just had more patience back then—after all, we had no other choice!

There’s something about a phone call that makes it special.  Perhaps it’s the personal touch that comes with the sound someone’s voice.  The more seasoned generations often tend to prefer the warmth and directness of a telephone call.  Sometimes it seems like hardly anybody wants to talk on the phone anymore!

Younger generations have different communication preferences than older ones, of course.  It all started with e-mail back in the 1990s, which revolutionized the way people communicate.  E-mail does have the advantage of quickness and convenience, as it allows people to leave brief messages without necessarily having to engage in a full conversation.  Furthermore, unlike voice messages, e-mails can easily be printed out.

Text messaging and social media came next, and they have become the preferred methods of communication for many young people.  Text messaging is more direct than e-mail in that it goes right to somebody’s phone.  Social media communication, which includes tweets and Facebook updates, has the advantage of allowing people to send brief updates or notifications to large numbers of people.  Younger generations clearly enjoy these advantages of text messaging and social media.

No matter which method you prefer, Santa Teresa Dental is glad to communicate with you.  Dr. Huang, Dr. Lien and the team at Santa Teresa Dental offer text and e-mail appointment confirmation for your convenience.  If you prefer a phone call, that is always an option as well.  Feel free to call Santa Teresa Dental at (408) 782-6568 or e-mail us at anytime.  You can also visit us online at  We look forward to hearing from you!