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Help Is Here For Those Who Are Nervous About Their Dental Appointments

Posted under Our Blog, Sedation Dentistry on May 14th, 2013 | No Comments

My patient yesterday was a nurse. Let’s just call her Mary. Mary’s green scrub bottom gave her occupation away. Mary works for a medical doctor who provides sedation for procedures and Mary told me that she often tells her patients to “toughen up.” Mary told me that the last time she went to a dentist was 6 years ago. She was very embarrassed because as a health care provider, “I should know better,” Mary said. Mary continues to say that she knows that it is irrational – she should just be able to go to a dentist like everyone else.

I stopped her there. I want all my anxious patients to know that dental fear is not irrational. It is very real, as real as the fear of heights, fear of dogs, fear of flight, and many many other type of fear. I have been providing sedation dentistry since 2008 and I have helped many fearful patients just like Mary. The staff at Santa Teresa Dental are personally trained by me to recognize dental fear or anxiousness.  We aim to provide compassion, understanding and a safe environment for all our patients. During our new patient interview process, we discuss your anxiety level and find out really what makes you nervous.  We then recommend ways to ease your nervousness.

Many of our patients do well with just putting on a headphone that streams their favorite music or watching Netflix during their dental procedures. Some need a little more help with Nitrous Oxide aka laughing gas or oral conscious sedation. We also partner with mobile anesthesiologist like Dr. Alex Targ so we can perform sleep dentistry right here in our office without the expensive hospital facility fee.

If you are like Mary, call our office today. Yes, we can help you.