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The 2 x 2 Dental care helps Kids fight Mouth Monsters

Posted under Dentistry for Children on May 6th, 2014 | No Comments

No one, especially kids, realizes how valuable there are, until they don’t have any! We are talking about teeth, of course!

I and Dr. Ann believe that it is essential that kids are taught the basics of this crucial aspect of a healthy lifestyle from a very early age. It particularly applies today, because of the temptations offered by candy, colas and all the other foods and drinks that look and taste so good, but can cause so mush damage to teeth and gums.

Getting the message On that day the first National Brush Day in history was launched. As part of an ongoing campaign towards across is always the difficult part and thus us why the date November 1, 2013 is important to remember.

helping maintain oral care for children, it proved to be an enormous success and showed that we do care about the health of our kids!

It was estimated that National Brush Day, touched the lives of about 53 million people and the message for your kids was the simple 2 x 2 principle, or brush teeth 2 times each day.

Teeth care awareness

Teeth problems experienced by children, not only make them uncomfortable, but it can make the bank balances of parents look a bit sick as well. The need and wisdom, excuse the pun, for ongoing, regular dental maintenance is also emphasized with the launching of another parents awareness vehicle, the “Mouth Monsters Campaign”.

It originates from the consumer awareness focused site, which is created and maintained by the American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (AAPD). Dr. Ann is an active member of AAPD.

Launched in January this year, the campaign is designed to provide parents and caregivers with the means and information to help kids fight the “Mouth Monsters” aka, tooth decay!

It is an awareness motivation that, supported with the 2 x 2 principle, should help those who care about kid’s health, to get this critical message across!