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Best Time for Your Child’s Operative Procedures

Posted under Dentistry for Children on April 16th, 2013 | No Comments
Best Time for Your Child's Operative Procedures

written by Dr. Ann Lien – the dentist for your children

At Santa Teresa Dental, we aim to provide the best possible dental experience for your child. Many parents elect not to remove their children from school, hence the late afternoon dental appointments. That is typically okay for a child’s 6 months re-care visit. However, it might not be the best idea for his first dental visit nor for her operative procedures.

Children are generally more tired in the afternoon, especially after a whole day of school. They can be grumpy and they may not be receptive to new learning. Both make modifying their oral hygiene technique more difficult. If I have to administer local anesthesia aka sleepy juice late in the afternoon, the child ends up not being able to eat a proper dinner because the numbness doesn’t go away until 1-2 hours after the administration. And if there is any complication after the operative procedure such as soft tissue trauma, I won’t be able to follow up with the child until the next day. Soft tissue trauma is common after operative procedures. Children tend to bite their lip or tongue if they elect to eat before the numbness goes away completely.

Listen to your child’s biological clock and make your child’s operative appointments in the morning. As a dentist for children, I look forward to taking care of your children at their next dental visit with me.