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Bead Drill to an Enjoyable Dental Experience

Posted under Dental Technology on July 1st, 2014 | No Comments

There is something about the word “Dentist” that for many of us, still creates unpleasant and in some cases, horrifying visions of extreme torture, while we are contained, helpless in a leather chair!

This may have been fact in 7000 BCE, in the Indus Valley Civilization, when bead craftsmen used drills made of flint heads. Unless you visit a peculiar practitioner today, dentistry has changed into what is now referred to in some instances, as an “enjoyable dental experience”.

Frenchman, Pierre Fauchard (1678-1761) is recognized today as one of the innovators of modern dentistry. He became especially interested in diseases of the mouth when he was at sea and exposed to various illnesses, such as scurvy.

He designed treatment methods for removing decay and restoring teeth, periodontal disease, and also performed orthodontic surgery and tooth replacement. This was part of the foundation for the future of dentistry.

During the 19th century, various influencing developments took place, including the arrival of porcelain teeth, with baked-in retaining pins, which doesn’t sound too good, but was very effective. This was supported by the invention of the impression compound, which was to have a significant influence for dental prosthetics.

The dentist world of today is far different from those years; with patients pampered in luxurious surroundings. Teeth are prepared then designed with computer-assisted software. Instead of drilling and filling, like being on a construction site, we can now discuss our “CAD” and “CAM” designer crowns, veneers and yes, those tooth-colored fillings.  We might as well call it tooth restructuring or restoration!

In our modern world of today, we can receive treatment without any metal. At Santa Teresa Dental, we always practice dentistry with your comfort in mind.

With minimal invasive techniques being employed at our office, conservation is our goal.  More tooth structure are being saved.  We definitely are look forward to a gleaming bright, healthy teeth & gum, as well as smiles that will blindingly light up our day!

So, why are some of us still scared about going to the dentist?