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Take Care of Your Oral Health is Good for Your Whole Body

Posted under Dental Health Tips on January 8th, 2013 | No Comments

What is oral cavity aka mouth?  Why is it important?  How is it connected to our whole body’s health? Why do one need to see a dentist regularly?  Do you ever have those questions and want answers?  If so, read on.  Hopefully it will inspire you to take care of your mouth and call your dentist TODAY!

One would say that the mouth is the most important part of a human body.  It is where food digestion, our daily speech, breathing, and oxygen intake all begin.  It is basically the entry point of all.  It allows life as we know it to exist.  Without our mouth, our body cannot function.

Now you know how our mouth is important.  Let’s investigate how oral diseases can affect your overall health.

  • The bacteria as well the inflammatory mediator found in your inflamed gums can enter the saliva.  From the saliva they may adhere to water droplets within the air you breath in.  These substances can then be aspirated into the lungs.
  • The oral bacteria and the inflammatory mediator can also enter your body’s by you simply swallowing them.  As they travel, they may cause secondary infections.
  • The inflammation associated with your oral health may stimulate a secondary systemic inflammatory response within the body.

Your dentist is not only a doctor for your teeth.  He is also a head and neck specialist.  At Santa Teresa Dental, Dr. Andrew Huang and Dr. Ann routinely review your medical history, check your medications with a sophisticated online drug database, take your blood pressure, evaluate your head & neck soft tissue for any abnormalities, screen for oral cancer, perform cavity detection, discuss gum disease as well discuss the relationship between your oral diseases and your overall health with you.  Then, they will take necessary records to help you achieve optimum dental health.

Are you convinced that your oral health is very important?  On top of eating right and exercise, why don’t you add visiting your dentist regularly to your holiday resolution this year!