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Smoking Cessation Tool Created Just for Teens

Posted under Dental Health Tips on January 29th, 2013 | No Comments
Smoking Cessation Tool Created Just for Teens

Hopefully, this free tool will help those teens in your life who are trying to quit smoking. It is developed by National Cancer Institute’s Tobacco Control Research Branch. Experts think that a constant companion may be the solution to teens’ kicking the nicotine habit.

Smokefree TXT is a free mobile phone messaging service. It provides around-the-clock advice, tips and encouragement to helping teens quit smoking.

Once signed up, teens receive text messages timed accordingly to their selected quit date. They will continue to receive texts up to six weeks beyond their quit date. Research has shown that continued support following the first few weeks of cessation is important. To sign up online, teens can go to or text QUIT to iQUIT (47848).

An estimated 20 percent of teens currently smoke and most will do so into their adulthood unless they quit now. By connecting with teen smokers on their mobile phones, NCI hopes to more effectively engage young people in quitting with proven cessation tools and strategies.