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New Prenatal Oral Health Website Stresses Early Evaluation and Education

Posted under Dental Health Tips on February 25th, 2014 | No Comments

For pregnant women, dental health is absolutely essential.  Dr. Andrew Huang of Santa Teresa Dental has discovered an online resource to help keep you healthy when you’re expecting.  It’s called pOHP, and we know you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

You might be wondering where to find the latest, most up-to-date information for soon-to-be moms.  The team at Santa Teresa Dental is constantly on the lookout for information and resources on prenatal oral health, and we recently discovered an exciting new website.  This website is brought to you by the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry’s Department of Pediatric Dentistry and School of Medicine’s Department of OBGYN, and is available at  It is totally free of charge to use this website, and it features the latest contemporary knowledge and research to benefit expectant mothers and their fetuses.  We definitely encourage you to use the website.

The Prenatal Oral Health Program website, also known as pOHP, is a robust, information-rich resource with many features.  First, you can view videos for mothers, including titles such as “What New Mothers Should Know” and “Keep Your Baby Cavity-Free.”  Then there is a quick and easy self-evaluation of “Self-Reported Oral Health Questions,” which will give you immediate results.

We like to visit the pOHP website, too.  As dental health professionals, we especially enjoy the materials and information on the pOHP site, which is designed to help us implement and deliver preventive oral health services to expectant mothers.  Their resources include videos, audio sessions, forms for clinical use, a customized oral health report card, and more.

Of course, the ultimate aim is to keep you and your baby healthy.  As the pOHP website explains, “Emerging evidence indicates that early preventive intervention can decrease the severity of dental disease and subsequent health care costs.”  Women’s oral health during pregnancy simply cannot be ignored.  If it’s been a while since you’ve had a checkup, or if you just have questions or concerns about your dental health, all you need to do is call Santa Teresa Dentalat (408) 782-6568 or visit our office in Morgan Hill.  You can also visit us online at or send us a message at

For expectant mothers and everybody else, our Fall 2009 newsletter offer a great summary of information. Santa Teresa Dental continues to be your first choice for dentistry inMorgan Hill.  We look forward to helping you and your family receive the dental care you deserve.