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Change Your Smile and Your Life with a Smile Makeover – Part 2

Posted under Cosmetic Dentistry on September 24th, 2013 | No Comments

Welcome to part 2 of our series on the process of getting a smile makeover at Santa Teresa Dental.  As you may recall, in part 1 we discussed the free 40-minute consultation that smile makeover patients will get with Dr. Huang.  The purpose of this consultation will be to discuss Dr. Huang’s findings and propose some treatment options.  Once a treatment direction is decided, we will send the mounted diagnostic casts to our laboratory for a wax-up, which is a mockup of your proposed restorations in wax.  Dr. Huang will go through the smile book with you and decide on the shape and length of the teeth.  He pays special attention to the characterizations, markings (a.k.a. calcification), stippling, and grooving, all of which contribute to the beauty of your final smile.  These all give unique characteristics to your teeth so that not just one shape fits all.

During this process, Dr. Huang will also carefully consider the features of color and translucency.  We use a 39-color wheel instead of the traditional 16.  We pay special attention to the hues and values of the color.  You may also visit the lab in person so the shade can be perfectly matched.  When picking the shades of the teeth in the office, we may have you look up and down and go outside to get the right lighting and reflections.

Once the wax-up is approved, we will start the actual preparation of the teeth.  Dr. Huang will personally fabricate your temporary restorations using a matrix from the wax-up.  The patient now has one week to test-drive their new smile.  We encourage patients to look in the mirror and ask their significant other, siblings, friends, etc., for any feedback.  We then schedule a one-week follow-up appointment.  We make any necessary adjustments to the temporary restorations and take another mold.  Then our laboratory technician will duplicate your new smile according to the new mold.

As you can see, having a winning smile is a cinch with a smile makeover at Santa Teresa Dental.  You can trust Dr. Huang to listen and work with you every step of the way.  With a smile makeover from Santa Teresa Dental, you’ll have a whole lot to smile about!