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Change Your Smile and Your Life with a Smile Makeover – Part 1

Posted under Cosmetic Dentistry on September 10th, 2013 | No Comments

We at Santa Teresa Dental know that you want and deserve that perfect smile.  Dr. Huang is dedicated to perfecting your smile so that you can look great and feel confident.  One of Dr. Huang’s specialties is the smile makeover, a safe and effective procedure that will give you the custom-made smile you’ve always wanted.  So, what can you expect when you get a smile makeover?  In this two-part blog series, we will take a look at the process that will transform your smile in a surprisingly short time frame.

When we do a smile makeover, the first thing we do is take study models and diagnostic casts of your teeth.  We then document the midline of your face compared to the middle of your teeth, how your teeth come together in respect to the ground, how you are holding your head when you are standing straight, and the angulation of your head.  We then take 12 high-resolution digital photographs with a specialized DSLR camera and lens with color corrected lighting.

All the measurements taken are translated into an articulator, with which we can study how your face and teeth come together.  With those high-resolution photographs, we study the color, shape and shading of your teeth – we can even see how translucent your individual teeth are.

Now that we have a blueprint of your mouth’s condition, we can then devise a treatment plan as to how we are going to restore your bite and give you the smile that you have always wanted.  The mounted diagnostic casts and photos also serve as great communication tools between Dr. Huang and the laboratory technician.  We personally handpick our laboratory technician.  The technician and the lab have to belong to the California Dental Laboratory Association and are certified by a National Board.

The next step will be to sit down with you to discuss our findings and propose some treatment options.  This is a free 40-minute consultation with Dr. Huang.  It is a good opportunity for patients to look at their oral condition objectively.  In part two of this blog, you will learn about what happens after the consultation.  You can also learn more by giving Santa Teresa Dental a call at 408-782-6568.  We are always happy to assist you and answer all of your questions.