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How We Communicate: New Generations, New Technologies

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Communication is vital to society, both on the business and personal levels.  Without the technology to communicate, there would be no way to convey information and get things done.  As the years pass, we may be surprised to discover that younger generations communicate differently than we do.  Remember those rotary phones that every household used to have?  It seemed to take forever just to dial a phone number on one of those things!  I guess we just had more patience back then—after all, we had no other choice!

There’s something about a phone call that makes it special.  Perhaps it’s the personal touch that comes with the sound someone’s voice.  The more seasoned generations often tend to prefer the warmth and directness of a telephone call.  Sometimes it seems like hardly anybody wants to talk on the phone anymore!

Younger generations have different communication preferences than older ones, of course.  It all started with e-mail back in the 1990s, which revolutionized the way people communicate.  E-mail does have the advantage of quickness and convenience, as …

CAMBRA – Santa Teresa Dental Introduces New Carious Management Protocol

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Santa Teresa Dental is introducing an evidence-based disease management protocol called Caries Management by Risk Assessment, a.k.a. CAMBRA. With the use of CAMBRA, there is scientific evidence that early damage to teeth from dental caries (cavities) may be reversed. The manifestations of cavities as a disease can perhaps be prevented altogether. CAMBRA procedures provide a framework for management of caries by risk assessment for the benefit and improved dental health of the patient. The CAMBRA questionnaire takes only a couple minutes to fill out but provides critical information to evaluate your risk for developing cavities.

Although the overall prevalence and severity of dental caries have been notably reduced in several Western countries over the past couple of decades, dental caries continue to be a major health issue in the United States.

Because dental infections are common and usually non-life-threatening in nature, the significance of dental caries in overall health has historically been minimized until recently. Traditionally, the term “prevention” has become a common language term that has been construed to simply mean “brush and floss” …

Dr. Andrew Huang – the dentist of your choice

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Dr. Andrew Huang – the dentist of your choice

Dr. Andrew Huang is the dentist of your choice. He has the a very prestigious educational background. He is dedicated to the dental profession by continuously honing his skills to perfect his techniques.

Dr. Andrew Huang’s educational background includes receiving a B.A. degree from the University of California at Berkeley, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. He then was awarded the D.M.D. degree at Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry. Since then, Dr. Andrew Huang has continued to further his professional career through dedication towards continuing education.

Dr. Andrew Huang attends study clubs monthly and has just completed a two year long residency in Comprehensive Esthetics and Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics. The residency was hosted by world renowned prosthodontist Dr. Bruce Crispin & dentist Dr. Kristi Crispin. The Esthetic Professional Dental Educational Center is located in Tarzana, California.

Dr. Andrew Huang continuously receives high remarks from his peers and patients for his dedication and enthusiasm towards dental technology. Dr. Andrew Huang has special interests in computer assisted dentistry. He utilizes the latest in dental technology and …