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Micro-Dentistry Your Traditional Alternative

Posted under Dental Technology on July 29th, 2014 | No Comments

I have been practicing proactive and micro-dentistry for years.  People often ask me what is that and how is that beneficial compared to traditional dentistry.  I would like to dedicate this short blog to it.

The term, micro-dentistry could be described as a minimal form of invasive dentistry. It is an operative dentistry philosophy that is founded on science and is regarded as an alternative to the traditional dental process. The aim of a dentist who practices micro-dentistry is to identify unstable tooth structure that could pose a threat to a tooth, or teeth in the future. It is then recommended to remove the potentially destructive area with the minimum disturbance to the surrounding tooth structure.

Micro-dentistry is achieved with the use of optical devices that magnify the operative areas. With improved visualization, the result is a more exact treatment that is also less invasive. Accordingly, oral tissues and dental structures are preserved from unnecessary substance loss during the process, for example; during the removal of decayed tooth structure.

Traditionally, dentist like to use …

Effects of Mental Health Problems

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I decided to write a blog about mental health.  What does that have to do with oral health you ask? Nothing really. However, people tend to see their dental providers more often than their physicians. At Santa Teresa Dental, we value and treasure every relationship we have with our patient. We do notice subtle changes in patient behavior. We live near Silicon Valley and many of our patients hold high-stress positions. We often are the first one noticing any mental health changes. We hope the following blog will help some of you noticing the warning signs of mental health problems for yourself and/or the love ones.

The seriousness of mental health

Mental health problems are challenges and very common all over the world. They affect our way of thinking, feeling, and coping with everyday situations, handle stress, make choices and relate to others. Associated problems are often described as having ‘anxiety’ or ‘depression’ attacks. However, they can be a much more serious, with condition and consequences often underestimated. Your mental health is all- important from …

Bead Drill to an Enjoyable Dental Experience

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There is something about the word “Dentist” that for many of us, still creates unpleasant and in some cases, horrifying visions of extreme torture, while we are contained, helpless in a leather chair!

This may have been fact in 7000 BCE, in the Indus Valley Civilization, when bead craftsmen used drills made of flint heads. Unless you visit a peculiar practitioner today, dentistry has changed into what is now referred to in some instances, as an “enjoyable dental experience”.

Frenchman, Pierre Fauchard (1678-1761) is recognized today as one of the innovators of modern dentistry. He became especially interested in diseases of the mouth when he was at sea and exposed to various illnesses, such as scurvy.

He designed treatment methods for removing decay and restoring teeth, periodontal disease, and also performed orthodontic surgery and tooth replacement. This was part of the foundation for the future of dentistry.

During the 19th century, various influencing developments took place, including the arrival of porcelain teeth, with baked-in retaining pins, which doesn’t sound too good, but was very effective. …